1. Nominations will be named in each Award Category for which there are any eligible Candidates.
  2. The Steering Committee will determine the maximum number of Nominees per Category, which will be not less than 3 nor more than 5.
  3. A Steering Committee will set minimum Mean Evaluation Score for a Nomination, which will be not less than 3.5 nor more than 6.0.
  4. As long as each Nominee meets the minimum Mean Evaluation Score:
    1. If there are fewer Critics' Choices than the maximum permissible number of Nominees, all Critics' Choices will be nominated.
    2. If there is only one Nominee in an Awards Category, that Nominee will receive the Award.
  5. Nominees will be announced, on the Program Pages of the Web Site, within 48 hours after Awards Voting.
  6. If an error is discovered after a Nominee is announced:
    1. Any Candidate who should have been nominated will be named as an additional Nominee.
    2. Any person who has been announced as a Nominee will remain a Nominee, unless that person received multiple Nominations in error, in which case the Steering Committee may decide to remove one of that person's Nominations.
  7. Nominees will be individually recognized in a Gala or Ceremony.
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