Award Items

  1. If a Program includes Awards, the Program will present Commendations, Nominations, and Awards with Cappies-logo Items, which may include (in ascending order of Awards rank):
    1. Commendee Certificates
    2. Nominee Certificates.
    3. Bronze-finish medallions.
    4. Gold-finish medallions.
    5. Star trophies.
    6. Star cascade trophies.
  2. Items may be purchased from any supplier, subject to conditions set by the Governing Board.
  3. The Program may purchase Award Items in any combination, except:
    1. All Commendees will receive the same Items.
    2. All Nominees will receive the same Award Items, which will be higher-ranking than the Commendation Items, unless Commendees and Nominees are all given Certificates.
    3. All ("Cappie") Award Winners will receive the same Items, which will be higher-ranking than the Nomination Items, except Award Winners in the Critics Team, Play, and Musical Categories may receive Items that are higher ranking than those received by Award Winners in other Categories.
  4. The Program will provide sufficient numbers of Items to recognize all Nominees, including:
    1. Up to six Award Items for a Critics Team.
    2. Up to four Award Items for named Nominees in any other Category.
    3. Up to five Award Items for a group of unnamed Nominees in the Orchestra, Ensemble, or Song categories, but not more than the number of persons in the Orchestra or Ensemble, or the number of featured vocalists in a Song.
    4. Five Award Items for the cast and crew of a Nominated Play or Musical.
  5. The Program will purchase only one Item for each Award Winner, regardless of Category or group size.
  6. At the discretion of a local chapter, a participating school may purchase additional Award Items, for group Nominees, and for multiple-person and group Award Winners. Duplicate Awards may not be purchased for Play, Musical or Critics Team.
  7. The Program Director will distribute Award Items to:
    1. Commendees and Nominees, at any time between the announcement of Nominations and the start of the Gala or Ceremony.
    2. Award Winners, during the Gala or Ceremony.

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