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Welcome Cappies Critics!

You are in for a wonderful experience! We are the only high-school theatre, peer-evaluated organization in North America, perhaps even in the world. Bill Strauss, Cappies co-founder, always stressed that the Critics were/are the heart of the program.

Our program is driven by students and monitored by adult volunteers. Our voting system, and indeed our entire Cappies Information System, is student-designed.

We are immensely proud of what everyone has accomplished since we began in 1999 – from the excitement of Cappies shows, to the student-critic bylines in major newspapers, to the drama and glamour of Cappies galas.

The materials in this binder reflect our on-going commitment to provide a learning program that encourages excellence in theatre and in writing.

Thank you, in advance, for helping make this our best year yet.

Judy Bowns, Cappies Co-Founder

Alecia Lewkowich and Katie Lewis-Prieur, Cappies Co-Presidents
Janie Strauss, Cappies Vice-President

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