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We welcome all the Lead Critics who are taking part in the Cappies. 
We are immensely proud of what everyone has accomplished over the years, from the excitement of Cappies Show nights, to the student-Critic bylines in major newspapers, to the drama and glamour of Cappies Galas. 
The materials in this binder reflect our ongoing commitment to provide a learning program with very high standards, in theater and in writing. There's quite a bit of material here, only some of which you need to read carefully. The rest is for you to use for reference, when you're at Cappies Shows. 
For those who are Mentors, and have been Mentors before, three points we're stressing :

  • The need for Critic discussions to be a little less critical, and reviews a little more so (within the usual rules), with published reviews more closely reflecting the consensus of Critic opinion,
  • The prohibition against reviews including anything copied from the Internet. Note: A Critic will be removed from a Critics Team for an act of plagiarism within a submitted review.
  • The responsibility of each Critic to keep everything said in discussions, including Critics' Choices, totally confidential. However, Critics Choices may be published online if the Cappies chapter has chosen this option.

Thank you, in advance, for helping make our twelfth year the best ever. 

Judy Bowns, Program Director
Janie Strauss, Program Chair


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