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aspects of The Cappies Program.

_____________________________________________                       ___________________________

           (Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature)                                                                   (Date)


I, _____________________________________, understand that my role as a Cappies critic requires me to hold
                            (Print Name) 

myself to the highest ethical standards. I have not, and will not collaborate(d) with my  fellow critics in order to perform my Cappies critic duties. I will evaluate critics’ choices and ultimately cast my votes for awards with utmost integrity.

_____________________________________    _____________________________________      ____________
                     (Critic’s Signature)                                                (School)                                                   (Date)

________________________________________                        _______________________________________
                    (Lead Critic Signature)                                                            (Cappies Advisor Signature)

The Cappie Cappies Advisor must bring this form to turn in on the Critic Training Day.  If this form is not on file with your Cappies chapter you will not be permitted to participate.