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Every Lead Critic must be capable of being an emergency Critic-Mentor, if for some reason no Mentors attend a Cappies Show. (This has only happened once in the history of the Cappies, but it could happen again at any show.) Here's what to do, in such a case. 

At any Cappies Show at which both Mentors are absent, for any reason, and if there is no a member of the Steering Committee present (who, if so, would be the Mentor), the Lead Critics who are present will select two among them -- preferably volunteers, selected (if need by) by a vote of all critics who are present. The Critic-Mentors will lead discussions, collect pre-show and post-show forms. Upon returning home, both Critic-Mentors will notify the Program Director, who will give them additional instructions. The Critic-Mentors should each write a review of that show, and may later vote for that show, but they may not select their own reviews for publicationwill be the mentor.  If no Member of the Steering Committee is present, a Lead Critic must let a school official/show director/advisor know immediately. If no one has a direct number to a Cappies official, you can call 877-90CAPPY.  The school official or teacher must be present in the room until a Cappies Mentor or Steering Committee Member arrives. 

 The Lead Critics who are present will consult among themselves and select one critic (preferably, but not necessarily, a Lead Critic) to serve as Discussion Mentor. The Critic who serves as a mentor  will complete Post-Show Evaluation Forms and write a review, and may participate in Awards Voting.   The Steering Committee will then be responsible for the selection of reviews for publication.  .

Helping Your Show Director