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C.I.S. goes down very rarely, but it can happen. If you think C.I.S. might be down, go to the website, Scroll halfway down the right side. See the whether it says "C.I.S. Status." If it says ONLINE, then you need to submit your review through C.I.S.
IF (AND ONLY IF) C.I.S. IS NOT ONLINE: submit your review by email, in a timely manner, to (where "YYY" is your three-letter program code). Please make sure you keep a digital copy, in your computer files, which you can submit on C.I.S. when you can access the internet. In such an unusual situation, the Webmaster will forward your review to the Mentors, and it will be considered for publication. Later, when C.I.S. is online again, you may be requested to resubmit your review on C.I.S.
Please do not submit a review outside C.I.S. purely as a matter of convenience. If you submit a review by email when C.I.S. is working, you will probably get an email later, possibly after the submission deadline, asking you to resubmit your review via C.I.S. This may result in Mentors not considering your review for publication.