Turning in Your Parental Authorization Form

The first thing to do to be a Cappies Critic is to sign your electronic Parental Authorization Form.  This form needs to also be signed by your parent or guardian, lead critic and advisor.

No student may attend a Cappies show as a Critic unless the Program Director has received a signed Parental Authorization Form.
No exceptions.

Connecting with Cappies Information Services (CIS)

Receiving e-mails. Throughout the year, you will receive e-mails about your upcoming shows or other Cappies news. To make sure you receive these, please see that your spam filter allows e-mail from Then, check for Cappies e-mail at least every other day so you know what's going on. (If you don't have an online computer at home, talk to your Cappies Advisor to see what can be worked out.)

Activating Your Account. When you become a Critic, you'll be registered on Cappies Information Services (CIS) – the part of the Cappies web site where, among other things, you can see your show schedule and submit your reviews. You will receive an e-mail from telling you your username and password. To be officially added to the roster of Cappies Critics, you must activate your CIS account by logging in. To log in, go to and enter your username and password. Then select the region code for your Cappies chapter from the scroll down menu, and click "Log in". (Ask your Lead Critic or Cappies Advisor if you need help.) CIS can also be reached by clicking on "CIS Login", located at the top of the home page.

You will need your username and password every time you log in to CIS, so, after you log in, you may wish to change your password to something that's easier for you to remember. To do so, click on the "Change your password" page and fill in the form. Your password must be at least eight letters or numbers, in any combination, including capital letters. CIS will not allow you to choose common or easy-to-guess passwords (such as "password"). If CIS doesn't accept your new password, it will tell you. Try something else until CIS accepts your password.

Checking Your Contact Information. To use CIS, and for program officials to reach you (or your family, in an emergency), the Cappies must have accurate contact information for you, including your home phone and cell phone (if you have one) numbers. This information is kept confidential and is accessible only to program officials. Please check to be sure this information is correct at the "View your personal information" page at If corrections are necessary or if you change your e-mail address or phone number during the year, go to the "Correct your personal information" page at CIS.