Post-Show Evaluations

  1. During or following the selection of Critics' Choices, Critics will score a Cappies Show by using Post-Show Evaluation Forms, for Play or Musical, as appropriate.
    1. All Critics will score each Critics' Choice.
    2. All Critics will score the same Critics' Choice (i.e., the same named individual or group) in each Category.
    3. Each Critic will score independently, and may not consult with any other Critic when determining Scores.
    4. Critics may not score a Critics' Choice low for the reason that the Critic did not think that Candidate should have been selected.
    5. Each Critic's Post-Show Evaluation Scores will be preliminary only, and may be freely changed when casts Award votes, entirely at the discretion of the Critic.
  2. In scoring Post-Show Evaluation Forms, Critics will apply the following ten point scale:
             10 – Sensational, professional quality, definitely the best show you have ever seen
               9 – Superior, almost professional, possibly the best you have ever seen
               8 – Excellent, among the best you have seen
              7 – Very good, well above average for a high school play
              6 – Good, a little above average for a high school play
       4 or 5 – About average for a high school play
       1 to 3 – Below average for a high school play
  3. In scoring, a "10" will be extremely rare, "9" will be rare, and a "5" or "6" the most common score.
  4. Each Critic will score in a manner reasonably similar to other Critics.
    1. For any individual Cappies Show, a Critic may give any Evaluation Scores.
    2. Across all Cappies Shows scored by a Critic, s/he will be encouraged, but not required, to maintain a Mean Evaluation Score of between 5.0 and 6.0.
    3. In Award Voting, a Critic's votes will not be accepted if, across all Cappies Shows scored by that Critic, his/her overall Mean Evaluation Score is lower than 4.0 or greater than 7.0.
  5. Each Critic may make notations about intended Award or Nomination Points on the Post-Show Evaluation Forms.
  6. A Mentor may not influence, comment upon, or otherwise discuss Post-Show Evaluation Scores, at any time.
  7. Before leaving, each Critic will submit a completed Post-Show Evaluation Form to the Editor Mentor.
    1. When a Critic has completed and submitted a Post-Show Evaluation Form, s/he may leave.
    2. If a Critic fails to submit a Post-Show Evaluation Form before departing, for any reason, s/he may thereafter submit it by mail, email, or fax to the Program Director.
  8. After leaving the Cappies Show, Mentors and Critics may not discuss Post-Show Evaluation Scores with anyone, at any time.
    1. If an Advisor, Show Director, or Mentor becomes aware that Post-Show Evaluation Scores have been revealed, they must advise the Program Director immediately.
    2. Any Critic who reveals Post-Show Evaluation Scores is subject to sanctions from the Steering Committee, including suspension or removal from the Roster.
  9. Within 3 days after the Cappies Show, the Editor Mentor will deliver, mail, or fax all Post-Show Evaluation Forms to the Program Director.